TM Essentials Product Photography



We have been given the task of photographing product and lifestyle for Thermomix appliance supplier ™ ESSENTIALS on a couple of occasions. This particular company sell a range of kitchen aids and add ons for the Thermomix cooking devices. Everything from cleaning tools to baking dishes and slide mats.

On this particular photography shoot we were involved from the outset with the styling and overall creative direction of the finished photos for the website. The photography ™ Essentials needed was a mix of straight product, social media and examples of the things the products actually do.

The creative end of the photography involved coming up with the concept of the coloured paper and the actual presentation of the products themselves. To showcase a series of plastic scraping knives, for example, we photographed the knives together and then separately. To produce stunning food photos, we selected recipes for colour and appeal and prepared the food in our kitchen. We then styled the food photography to showcase the product and the finished food photo.

The photograph of the beautiful Red Snapper arranged on the steaming dish was carefully styled, lit and photographed by our team. The frozen berry yoghurt ice creams were also chosen for ease of preparation and quality for the final photographs.

The art direction on the photography of the ice creams included a mix of carefully arranged product in stainless steel and the finished result.

The second lifestyle photography day we did for ™ Essentials was on location in a stunning hamptons  style kitchen. This shoot became an on location house photo studio which we professionally lit and styled. We photographed a series of lifestyle and food preparation images using the products with real people. Once again our food styling and presentation skills made a difference to the final product images. 

TM Essentials Product Photography