PowerPod Product Photography


The in studio powerpod product photographers over the last couple of years since the launch of the product for phone chargers and electrical accessories. Powerpod has enjoyed outstanding sales results and brand awareness in a very short period of time. 

The product photography is a premium example of the difference quality photographs make to the power of a brand and its market appeal. Quality photography in the arena of phone accessories is defined also by overall consumer market experience. The perception of phone charger accessories is that they are unreliable at best. By photographing and positioning powerpod as a quality high end product, the promise is made to the customer. It’s almost akin to presenting the phone chargers as a beautiful accessory or piece of jewellery on the must have list.

The market for phone chargers and accessories is a crowded one - the style direction and quality of photographic presentation for powerpod quickly set it apart. Polished surfaces, a luxury finish and the artful placement of the objects in the products added to the quality of the photos.

The powerpod photography was used for advertising, for product display as well as on physical signage and branding Australia wide. Once again, the post production and photo editing by the team added to the overall quality of the finish.


PowerPod Product Photography