Montville Mist Water Product Shoot

Product Photographer Montville Mist Water

Montville Mist Bottled water company need product photography on their new branding and retail bottles of water. Clear plastic bottles of water are a notoriously difficult product to photograph. The design approach to the photography lighting setup of these bottles was to emphasise the clarity and quality of pure translucent springwater. The water is chemical free so it is a key part of the value in the photography style chosen.

The bottle needed to be free of any reflection or highlight. It’s all about the water! The second consideration was to make sure the actual transparent bottle did not get too lost on the background. The product was photographed in studio to enhance the edges of the bottle, so it would stand out from the background. Colour adjustment and clarity in the photo editing was also given attention. Finally, the lighting in the product studio of the label and brand was important.

Montville Mist Water