Mountain Bike Product Photography

Product Photography for KWT Imports and Bike Parts Australia


A comprehensive range of product photography in studio for KWT imports and bike parts. KWT are a leading Australian cycling brand for bike parts and replacement and repair parts. They needed a suite of photography for their website and e-commerce sales. Their product photos of bike parts are also available worldwide on other online sales websites.

The products we photographed in Studio included a large variety of shapes, sizes and materials. Tube tyres, brakes, bright lights, bike seats, handlebars, pedals and handlebars. KWT imports have been a leading supplier of Australian bike parts for many years. Their brand is based on quality and durability.

The photography of this product demanded a degree of studio photography lighting expertise and equipment. A range of sizes, reflective surfaces and sizes required a degree of variation in the way the products were photographed. Editing also to enhance the quality of the product photo presentation played a key part. Consistency and quality across the photos has resulted in increased sales results for this brand.

KWT Imports Mountain Bike Product Photography